MARYAM ALZAD (2020 Trainings Participant)

I learned very important things in this training. I have seen the hardships of employers and employees as I was once a victim. In this training, we learned many things such as how a real entrepreneur should be, what should be the legal basis for future entrepreneurship applications, success stories of different entrepreneurs, and breaking stereotypes. I am very lucky to have attended this training.

EMİN UYSAL (2020 Trainings Participant)

The content of the trainings was good, and the trainers had substantial knowledge on the subjects. We had a good training process. Trainings were easy to understand and on important issues that every entrepreneur should know. Thank you for your contributions.

Muhammed Ahmed Khalaf (2020 Trainings Participant)

It was a really nice experience. It was a very good training. Even though we cannot get a grant, the knowledge we acquired and listening the experiences of others are sufficient for us. Finally, I would like to thank the team and trainers working on the project with all my heart, I am so glad to have you.

“It was a very rewarding experience. We learned things we never knew about management and leadership.”

“It was a great experience, it was very useful.”

Özgecan Üstüngül (B2B Contributor, Entrepreneur) Video

‘There are many displaced migrants living in Turkey. When we listen to the struggles of these people in entrepreneurship, we see once again how advantageously we live in Turkey. Thanks to collaborations and network meetings, we met with many people living in our country and exporting to the Middle East. I believe that the export potential of our country will increase even more thanks to the business relations we will establish in the future. Many thanks to the organizers of this event. We live in the same land. Our integration and cooperation will benefit our country.’

Nevzat Başar (B2B Participant, Company Owner) Video

 ‘The part that I like most about this organization is that it has a good network. Bringing different companies together was very successful. ENHANCER is a project that will benefit Turkey in the long term. I hope it continues. It connects both investors and consumers who engage with companies.’

 Sohir Yaghi (B2B Contributor, Owner) Video

 “It was an opportunity for me to show my project. It was especially a really important event for women who can’t even leave their houses to experience business opportunity. This event helped us to meet with people who are professionals about their work. I believe this event made a great contribution for our future. Thank you very much.”


 ‘The part where the entrepreneurship infrastructure and its importance were explained were very useful.’

 ‘The project development part was very helpful.’

 ‘I learned important things in on e-commerce, creativity and customer relations.’

‘The part where the entrepreneurship infrastructure and its importance were explained was very useful.’
‘The project development part was very helpful.’
‘I learned important things about e-commerce, creativity and customer relations.’

Alaaddin Mevla immigrated to Gaziantep from Aleppo in 2016 with his brothers after the war. After working on food machinery manufacturing for many years in Aleppo, they decided to establish “Maula Machinery” to transfer their knowledge and grow their business in Gaziantep. Maula Machinery continued to grow with new machinery and products developed with R&D studies in different fields such as the textile, construction and shoe sector, apart from the food machinery sector. In just 4 years, they have reached a wide range of products such as cheap and high temperature protected brick production from raw soil, packaging and digital counting machines, food filling machines. Currently, in addition to the domestic market of Turkey, they also export to the Middle East such as Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq. As of now, it continues its services with 13 employees.

Hasan Kalyoncu University is one of the beneficiaries of ENHANCER Project Pilot Common Use Facility Grant Scheme funded by European Union’s “Facility for Refugees in Turkey (FRiT)” programme and implemented by International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). Maula Machinery applied for mentoring and prototyping support of the “Development of Infrastructure For New Product Development and Establishment Of Mentor Bridge” Project, which is implemented by Hasan Kalyoncu University under ENHANCER Project Pilot Common Use Facility Grant Scheme. In order to x-ray the innovation capacity of Maula Machinery, the “Innovation Scoreboard” digital tool supplied within the scope of the project was applied. As a result of the visits and meetings of the evaluation commission established within the scope of the project, Maula Machinery was paired with 2 mentors, to get administrative and technical support. Based on the pre-feasibility report to be prepared as a result of mentoring support, they will receive prototyping support.

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