As of January 2020, we started our journey to implement the ENHANCER Project with the strong determination and belief to sustain and enhance the entrepreneurship capacities of Syrians and local host communities in the 11 cities of Turkey under the FRIT II program. Our holistic approach to migration and development nexus enabled us to conceptualize the Syrians under temporary protection as the target group and to deep dive into the Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to discover gaps and value chain approach in order to facilitate growth and linkage of locally produced goods and services with upgrading, as well as the capacity development of central governmental institutions and establishing platforms of coordination of this approach. Last but not least, the entrepreneurs of the ENHANCER Project will be accompanied and supported by mentorship and grant programs. Entrepreneurship grant programs are now enriched by job creation grant programs increasing the scope and variety of our programs.

Nearly 15 months passed by, we worked in 5 different teams under six different components days and nights and getting ready for efficient and flawless implementation, during which we managed to accomplish 2 pilot projects of the Local Common Use Facilities grant program and entrepreneurship trainings. The grant program of local common use facilities is unique under its own concept. As ENHANCER Team, we are not financing, monitoring and evaluating; we have done an initial need assessment of our grantee organizations and will be feeding in with expert advice on the subjects of identification.

15 months, we developed and built our own entrepreneurship training program, which is due to start in June 2021; we worked on three different grant programs to be announced again in June 2021. Soon we will announce the very good news! Furthermore, matching events will begin; we will organize a diverse set of events and value private sector mobilization, seed capital, crowdfunding, meet the buyers and B2B events.

All information will be available through http://enhancerproject.com/

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