The Directorate General of Development Agencies carries out its activities within the Ministry of Industry and Technology and is the beneficiary of the ENHANCER Project implemented under the ICMPD.

In Turkey, The Ministry of Industry and Technology has been assigned for formulating policy recommendations and strategies for regional development, developing programs and projects and ensuring their implementation, monitoring and inspection. Directorate General of Development Agencies within the framework of this task; in addition to ensuring the national coordination of development agencies, it develops support programs and projects that will contribute to regional development, conducts research and planning studies on the basis of regions, provinces and districts, and carries out activities that will contribute to accelerating the development of regions.

The purpose of establishment of development agencies that carry out their activities under the coordination of the Directorate General of Development Agencies; accelerating regional development by enhancing the cooperation between the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations; ensuring proper and effective use of resources and activating local potential; ensuring the sustainability of development, and reducing inter-regional and intra-regional development disparities.

Development agencies aim to mobilize the local development dynamics in our country, to use the resources and potentials of the region in the best way, to include the whole country in a more balanced and total way, and to make our citizens access opportunities as equal as possible. There are 26 development agencies in Turkey.

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