Deniz Karcı Korfalı

Deniz Karcı joined ICMPD in March, 2020. As the Lead of Entrepreneurship Component in ENHANCER, [...]

Fatih Bahadır Haspolat

Fatih Bahadır HASPOLAT has a bachelor's degree in Economics from METU and master's degree in [...]

Gökmen Ataş

Gökmen Ataş joined ICMPD in March, 2021. He has been managing 6th component of ENHANCER [...]

Mehmet Çağlar Aydın

Mehmet Çağlar AYDIN ​​joined ICMPD in April 2020. He has been managing the ENHANCER Project's [...]

Pınar Yapanoğlu

Pınar Yapanoğlu joined ICMPD as project manager in 2018. Pınar has a BSc. in Petroleum [...]

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